Sunday, 3 October 2010

Quick post-freshers week update

Hi, all. Little internet access, so this'll be short.

Apparently, the uni LGBT is both vaguely transphobic and probably asexophobes, too. I've not had any first-hand experience of them because I accidentally fell in with a small and awesome splinter cell who are much more accepting.

Also, I've decided not to label myself as asexual anymore. This decision happened more than a month ago, but I somehow never got round to writing the long-winded explaination. Basically, if the label fits, it'll come back to me. However, I'm still aromantic, I'm getting more and more sure of that. So:
-I still feel like part of the asexual community.
-I should still have a lot to write on here. Whether and when I do depends on how busy my life is.

My society went out to a trans resources centre, and they had forms which actually had an asexual option on them! I ticked them, partly because asexual is the option I most identified with, and partly because I didn't get a single asexual tickbox when I actually was asexual, and I don't want to miss out on the opportunity.


  1. I tried really hard to change the culture of my university LGBT group when I ran it, to make it more trans, bi and asexual friendly... it was an uphill battle. Bisexual erasure I'm used to, but a lot of gay and lesbian people seem to think trans people are just kidding themselves and the community is no place for asexuals. We had an Incel girl want to come along to meetings, and the group was really hostile to the idea.


    I sometimes feel like the LGBT community sticks together as long as it's politically expedient for the gays and lesbians, but they drop the rest of us pretty quickly when they've got what they want.

  2. Apparently the LGBT has got a lot better since my lot set up their open society, and are now somewhat trans- (sexual, if not gender) and pan- inclusive.
    I'm still not in the mood to storm up to them and say "I'M ASEXUAL, INCLUDE ME!" Especally since I'm now not.

    Another thing my group are interested in is creating space for supportive straight/cis people and for self-defining straight/cis people who are questioning.

    And, yeah, the gays and lesbians dropping or even turning against the rest of us is something a lot of people feel.