Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Asexy link-fest

A couple of things I thought I might as well raise awareness of. Firstly, the asexual non-written media seems to be kicking off forcefully, with A Life back, a new podcast, Unscrewed and Illuminated, and the possibility of a youtube channel- Hot Pieces of Ace. Check it all out. It's awesome that we're getting more stuff, especially more stuff with regular time-frames (cos us bloggers are notoriously lax).

I found the latest A Life episode particularly interesting. A lot of the episode dealt with the repercussions of being both asexual and in a same-sex relationship, and the sort of multiple-outness that can generate. All this is stuff I've been thinking about recently.

The final thing I wanted to draw people's attention to is a wonderful blog post I've just found about dealing with mixed libidos (NSFW?)- perfect starter advice for asexuals in relationships. I especially liked the last section, a reminder that sex isn't isolated, and I think a lot of asexuals can get caught in relationships that have psychological sexual issues as well as straightforward logistical ones.

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